Vehicle tracking device

Vehicle tracking device is an equipment designed to collect and transmit various information related to vehicles usage and activity. Modern vehicle tracking devices use GPS or GLONASS technology for locating vehicles and usually are fitted into the vehicle or trailer.

However to get more comprehensive picture about how vehicle is being used and what is happening with the vehicle, driver and cargo, other vehicle information is also gathered. GPS tracking device collects data and provides useful insights from different kind of vehicles: from moped to modern trucks and other transportation equipment. Tracking device can gather such information about the vehicle: location, speed, route history, fuel amount and consumption, temperature, door open/close event, tire pressure, turn on/off ignition, emergency button status, engine RPM, on-board computer data (CANbus), register and identify drivers, monitor driver’s behavior, read digital tachograph data, etc.

Ruptela manufactures a wide range of GPS tracking devices for heavy and light commercial vehicles. Today company provides 6 models of vehicle tracking devices – FM-Tco4 HCV, FM-Tco4 LCV, FM-Pro4, FM-Plug4, FM-Eco4, FM-Eco4 light.  They vary from highly technologically advanced to basic tracking devices and OBD-II trackers. Our vehicle tracking devices can be installed by yourself therefore there is no need to hire and train installers saving you on additional installation costs. Fast and easy installation also means that there will be no need to put vehicle out of operations for device installation. Being reliable and functional GPS tracker will reduce daily vehicle related costs, save employees’ time and improve overall business results.